LED Hair Growth


What Is LED Growth Treatment?  LED hair therapy utilizes a series of laser diodes to deliver cool laser energy to the scalp tissue. Low level laser light is not the same  as lasers used for hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments, as no heat is produced. LED uses a different spectrum of compressed light wavelengths, being the red part of the light range, thus penetrating the follicle level of the scalp. There is no heating effects, no  discomfort, and no known side effects. The resulting LED energy stimulates the micro-circulation which improves cellular metabolism and protein synthesis thus promotes strengthening of existing hair structures. Results are thicker and fuller looking hair and  resuscitation of previously dormant follicles!   

  • Low-level LED therapy is clinically proven to promote hair regrowth
  • Expect to see visible improvement in as little as 12 to 24 weeks

Who Will Benefit From LED Hair Growth Treatment?  Men and women of all ages, who are in the early stages of hair loss,  women who experience general hair thinning, including sides, back, and  top area of scalp. With male pattern baldness, one should assess the degree of loss within the past 5 – 6 years, as this is typically the  reversal and regrowth that LED will target. Hair loss proceeding a 5–6  year period will not benefit from this treatment.

How Long and How Many Treatments Are Needed?  Treatment typically takes 20 minutes, and 30 minutes for faster  results. To achieve the full benefits of LED hair regrowth therapy, a  treatment package program of one year minimally is recommended.  Initially. Patients will undergo 2 treatments per week for the first 3  months. For the next 3 months, treatments are reduced to 1 treatment per  week. Over the course of a year, a patient will undergo approximately  70 treatments. Fully approved by the FDA as a non-invasive hair regrowth  treatment and documented to re-grow hair in up to 50 % of patients.  

Treatment & Pricing:

Grow Me Hair Now – Laser Light Therapy for Hair Growth

1 session $70 (20 min) 

1 session $80 (30 min)   

Packet 1: (20 min) 

2 sessions for 12 weeks $1320 ($55 per session)  

Packet 2: (30 min) 

2 sessions for 12 weeks $1560 ($65 per session)    

Packet 3: (20 min)  

1 session for 12 weeks $660 ($55 per session)   

Packet 4: (30 min) 

1 session for 12 weeks $780 ($65 per session) 

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